Fit India School Week

As per the circular from CBSE board, a six days ‘Fitness week’ was celebrated in Sacred Heart School – Mathur for students and staffs. To make everyone aware about physical and mental fitness. The motto of organizing it was also to attract everyone towards Indian culture through various activities of games which were conducted throughout the week.

Day – 01

Yoga: On 11th November 2019 under the campaign ‘Yoga for all’ yoga was performed by the students of classes I to X under the supervision of yoga instructor. She told the students how to breathe properly and hold breathe, exhale and inhale. She also explained the students how yoga keeps them fit not only physically but also mentally

Fitness and Nutrition for Students and Staffs: On the same day ‘Fitness and Nutrition’ campaign was taken place for students and staffs. In which salad decoration activity (with sprouts and fruits) was organised and shared the information about nutritional food with students.

Day – 02

Free Hand Exercise for All: On 13th November 2019 in the series of ‘Fit India Movement’ free hands exercise was held for all the students during morning assembly. In which students learnt many exercise and got the information about the importance of regular exercising under the guidance of PTI Mrs. Subbulakshmi and Mrs. Rajarojini.

Mental Fitness Seminar: Seminar was organised on the topic “Mental Fitness’ hosted by Dr. Mariappan. (Physical Education Director).

Day – 03

Poster Making Competition: On 15th November 2019 Poster making competition was held for all the students ‘Fit Body – Fit Mind – Fit Environment’. The students gave their message through their poster to keep our surroundings clean to fit our environment. When our environment will be fit, we will get fresh air and water to keep our body fit and mind as well.

Day – 04

Physical Activities and Essay Writing Competition: On 18th November 2019 Physical and Indigenous games were organised. In which events like Martial Arts, Nungu Vandi, Kallangal, Bambaram, Adu Pulli Attam, Dayakattai, Nondi, and Silambam were conducted for I –X Grades. To make students learn that they are citizen of a democratic country which is diverse in terms of culture and religion but there is unity in Diversity. Essay writing Competition was conducted on the topic “Fit India School”

Day – 05

Sports Quiz: On 20th November 2019 Sports Quiz was conducted for the students (House-wise). Question related to various sports were asked by Mrs.Subbulakshmi and answered by students. In which students were participated enthusiastically and prize was given in order to motivate them.

Day – 06

Traditional Games for Teachers and Parents: On the last day 22nd November 2019, Indigenous games were played by teachers and parents. As the reflection and witness of “Fit India should become a part of an individual’s life naturally and comfortably. It should become a mass movement and efforts shall be taken up to create mass awareness on the fitness issue.”